Veneers are the backbone of cosmetic dentistry and can be used to fix a number of issues, including discoloration, chipping, irregularly shaped or uneven teeth, teeth with significant wear, and teeth that are crooked or have gaps between them. They are relatively easy to place and, compared to some other cosmetic dental procedures, cause minimal damage to your natural teeth. Additionally, they are stain resistant, comfortable for and compatible with gum tissue, and strong.

Once you decide to pursue veneers, we will start the process by removing a portion of your tooth enamel, followed by taking an impression of your teeth. This impression gets sent out to a dental laboratory where they will custom make your veneers out of porcelain. After a couple of weeks, your veneers will be ready and you’ll return for a follow-up appointment so we can attach them to your teeth. Before they are permanently bonded, our dentist will check their fit and color and make minor adjustments in their shape and appearance. Your teeth will then be cleaned, polished, and etched in order to improve the bonding strength. Dental cement is then applied to the veneer and placed on your tooth. A special light is used to activate and harden the cement; once this is completed, your veneers are finished.