Dentures are a mouth prosthetic used to replace missing teeth, which may have been lost or removed for a variety of reasons. Most people, when they think of dentures, think of what are called completed dentures. These are used when all of the teeth on either the top or bottom of your mouth are missing. Another, less well known type of denture is called a removable partial denture; this is used when a smaller number of teeth are missing. Regardless of the type of denture required, both can significantly improve the function and appearance of your mouth. Getting comfortable and attractive dentures will take a number of appointments; despite this wait, there are many advantages of the process. You will experience an improvement in your ability to chew and enjoy more foods, higher self-esteem, greater confidence in your appearance, and, in some cases, improved speaking clarity and ability. Don’t let any questions and concerns inhibit you from coming in and learning more about our denture services. We’re happy to help answer and resolve these issues with you!


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