Have a Damaged Tooth Extracted in St. Charles, IL

It is always our goal to try to help maintain your teeth, but at times it is not always possible. Dental extractions are most often necessary when tooth decay or trauma has damaged the tooth to the extent that it cannot be saved by dental restorations. In this case, the removal of the tooth is the only option. Other reasons dental extractions may be necessary is to help create space for orthodontic treatment or to remove impacted wisdom teeth due to limited space in their” mouth.

There are differing levels of complexity when it comes to dental extractions, but it can be broadly separated into simple or surgical extractions. Simple extractions are performed on teeth that are visible in the mouth, allowing them to be loosened and removed with our dental instruments. Surgical extractions are necessary when the teeth cannot be easily accessed. This is often times due to the teeth being decayed or broken below the gum line, or because they are not fully erupted due to impaction.

At our office, we provide both simple and surgical extractions, including the removal of impacted wisdom teeth. Inquire with our office and speak with one of our dentists today if one of these services may be necessary for your optimal oral health.